bathes, bathing, bathed
1) VERB If you bathe in a sea, river, or lake, you swim, play, or wash yourself in it. Birds and animals can also bathe. [mainly BRIT, FORMAL]

[V prep/adv] The police have warned the city's inhabitants not to bathe in the polluted river.

[V prep/adv] ...small ponds for the birds to bathe in. [Also V]

Derived words:
bathing N-UNCOUNT

Nude bathing is not allowed.

...Britain's 440 designated bathing beaches.

N-SING: usu a N
Bathe is also a noun.

Fifty soldiers were taking an early morning bathe in a nearby lake.

2) VERB When you bathe, you have a bath. [AM; also BRIT, FORMAL]

At least 60% of us now bathe or shower once a day.

3) VERB If you bathe someone, especially a child, you wash them in a bath. [AM; also BRIT, FORMAL]

Back home, Shirley plays with, feeds and bathes the baby.

4) VERB If you bathe a part of your body or a wound, you wash it gently or soak it in a liquid.

[V n] Bathe the infected area in a salt solution...

[V n] She paused long enough to bathe her blistered feet.

5) VERB If a place is bathed in light, it is covered with light, especially a gentle, pleasant light.

[be V-ed in n] The arena was bathed in warm sunshine...

[V-ed] I was led to a small room bathed in soft red light...

[V n in n] The lamp behind him seems to bathe him in warmth. [Also V n]

6) See also sunbathe

English dictionary. 2008.


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